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We offer music promotion services that will help take your career to the next level.
Our team has over 12 years of PR & Marketing Experience working with major labels, independent publishers and leading streaming platforms.

Release Strategy

We'll help you plan ahead and schedule your release for maximum impact. There's a science to it.


Get reviews, features and interviews in blogs that will showcase your music to the right crowd. We do PR from A-Z.


Defining who you are, as an artist, is crucial. How do you present yourself to actually reach the right fanbase while expressing yourself?


Wonder how to get those numbers up on Spotify without dealing with bots? We have the contacts and the experience to get your music heard and playlisted.

Digital Strategy

SEO and Social Media Strategy are not just for corporations. You're a business now, we can help you set up for success.


Want help with your strategy but can't hire a team yet? We offer consulting sessions to guide you.

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