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HighwayPR is a one stop shop for Content & Label services, Marketing,
PR and Consulting based in Nashville, TN.


HWPR is an independent agency based on years of entertainment industry experience working with the biggest and most innovative players in the game including Universal Music, Spotify and various music & tech start ups in Nashville, Los Angeles, London (UK) and Berlin (DE).

Today, we serve clients in the USA and Europe by providing personal and effective strategy consulting to brands, artists and companies trying to navigate the digital landscape. We're proud to operate on a strictly no BS model.


HWPR is a one stop shop agency providing label services, publishing and strategy consulting that puts your goals at the heart of every post, press release and email sent in your name.

Some of Our Current & Past Clients

Universal Music

 Aaron Watson

Ben McPeak

Dan Tyminski

8 Track Ent


 Agate ID


Moraine Music

Mikey Wayne

Sonic Ritual


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